2 Duck Trading goes to the Rocks farmers market

frenchclass with our 2 duck trading French market baskets is joining the beautiful new farmers markets at the Rocks.

On Friday and Saturdays the farmers market will offer local inner city residents and visitors the opportunity to have access to high quality fresh food and produce just off Argyle street.
The market will operate from 10.00 - 3.00pm.

Come and visit Miriam pick up one of our lovely baskets and do your shopping in style.

For more information on the Rock farmers market or on any of our other markets/baskets call Miriam on 0404259986.

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  1. Rowena Says:


    I went to the Rocks market this morning to find you, and couldn’t!! At 38 degrees, it was a bit of an effort. Can you tell me where and when your next market appearance is - preferably on the north shore.


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